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Rose eagerly lurked through her dresser drawers, searching for a more "formal" outfit. Fancy occassions definitely weren't her ideal setting, but tonight was important. Her girlfriend invited her to go to the Homecoming dance at thier school; Rose suggested maybe they just skip it and do something else, but for whatever reason Kai was anxious about going so she couldn't turn down her sweetheart. Rose grabbed the cleanest shirt she had out of the bottom drawer and pulled some gray skinny jeans off a hanger. They were planning to go with her girlfriend's sister; Rain, and then some other friends. But they decided to go seperately because of car space. Rose went over to her dresser and watched herself in a mirror while she fixed her hair quickly and put on a tie. Soon enough she hears a ring at the door.
"Shit! She must be here already." Rose thought to herself as she started walking out of her room.

She opened the door and greeted her girlfriend with a hug and kiss. Rose inspected her thin body, she was wearing a short dress with a checkered ribbon tied around her waist and some black leggings. She ran her fingers through her short black hair, admiring how soft it was.
" look absolutely stunning tonight, Love.", Rose let out. Her girlfriend giggled and brought her in for another hug.
"Well we better get going.", Kai suggested. They went out to the garage and Rose started up the car. She doesn't have her license yet; just a permit, but her parents we're out of town and decided it wouldn't be likely that they'd get caught by any police. As they were driving, they told eachother stories that happened at school and home from the past week. When they were just about 5 minutes away from the campus now, they noticed many flashing lights on the side of the road and went over to see what was going on.

They saw police cars surrounding a crashed vehicle, and noticed silhouettes of figures sitting down and being treated for by nurses from an ambulance. They got out of their car and asked the police what happened, they said some teenagers about their age ran into a trash can that was placed in the middle of the road and swerved practically off the road into a tree. As Rose was listening to the policeman's story Kai glanced over to the injured figures again. More police cars were here now and the lights slightly revealed the faces of them, then Kai recognized something.

"R-Rain! Snip! Minority!", Kai yelled as she started running over to the ambulance. Rose did the same when she heard the familiar names. Their friends had gotten in the car accident, luckily none we're too injured. The nurses explained more of what happened, and told them that Rain would need medical attention at the hospital. All she had was a broken snout, but it still needed to be treated.
"Can we come to the hospital too?", Kai asked impatiently. Rose looked at her with a confused look. "What about the dance?"
"This is my little sister...I have to be there for her."
Rose nodded in agreement and they left in the ambulance.

They stayed in the waiting room for hours, Rose held her girlfriend's hand and tried to calm her down. Sometimes she got too nervous about little situations. Snip and Minority stayed there too, they didn't think the dance would be rememorable without their friends. They said they were sore, they had bruises and some wounds but nothing sprained or broken. Finally, around Midnight, Rain came to the waiting room. Her snout was wrapped with bandages, her friends greeted her and congradulated that she didn't get anymore hurt than she did. The boys took her home.

Rose and Kai got back in her car.
"..Where are you going?" Kai asked, surprisingly playfully.
"I think I should take you home now, it's been a long night and the dance is bound to be over by now." Rose answered. Her girlfriend asked her to pull over at a nearby park, Rose was confused as to why but she followed the request.

Kai grabbed her hand and led her to a cemented rail to lean on, she held her for a few minutes as they looked up to the night sky. It was painted a beautiful, dark cerulean color. They relaxed and rested on each other while looking at the millions of stunning stars.

"This sort of makes up for missing the dance..I suppose..", Kai apologized.

"...I know what else can too." Rose remarked. She reached in her pocket and put down her iPod on the ledge, playing a playlist she dedicated to her girlfriend. She wrapped her arms around Kai's waist and softly asked "..Dance with me?"
Kai looked down, hiding her sudden blushing. She looked back up- smiling, and slid her arms around Rose's neck. They started swaying slowly together to the love songs, they were the only ones in the whole area. The wind wasn't too hectic, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

"I love you baby.." she whispered, letting out warm air on her neck.
"I love you too know I always will."
Yeah I don't know how else to end stories like this.
It's 3:30 AM, I'll probably re-read this again when I wake up and think it's pathetic. XD I was just kinda making it up as I was writing it.

I never know what category my stories should go in.

PinkPoodle543 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Too cute :squee: I love them.
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