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"It's so hot out...", thought the lonely cubone. Zero was traveling through a sandstormed desert; buffering every few minutes from the rough sand, lowering his HP. As he weakly walked he dragged his bone against the dry surface in lack of strength.

"No matter how long it takes, I WILL find you mother..." Zero thought to himself, still denying the death of his Marowak mother. He had been traveling through all sorts of routes and cities, avoiding being captured by any trainers or professors. He was determined his mother wasn't dead, and that somewhere she would be looking for him too.

Zero finally made it out of the desert, he scurried out of the city as quickly as he could and stumbled into a forest. He spotted an oran berry bush and ate a few to restore some of his energy. The cubone walked more confidently now that he was in a calmer enviroment with replenished health. As he was reaching the end of the forest he decided to take a break and sit under a tree, he looked up and saw all sorts of bug and flying-type pokemon resting on the branches. He gently rubbed his skull, thinking deeply of his mother and where she might be.


Suddenly a raccoon-like creature pounced on him from his side.

Frightened, Zero crawled back quickly causing him to hit the trunk of the tree. The unknown pokemon approched closer and looked at him with a questionable smirk. Zero focused on the face of the never-seen fellow, then in a gasp asked "w-who are you?"

"I'M SNAP! I'm a zigzagoon if that wasn't obvious." The suspicious yet loud stranger ruffled his fur and laughed. "What's your name kid?"

"I'm" Zero hesistated for a moment, he hadn't introduced himself to anyone before, he never had too. Ofcourse; he remembered his own name, but was wondering if he should be releasing the information to the zigzagoon.

Ever since he saw Team Rocket abduct his mother, he's been paranoid about almost everything he does. "What if this guy is a pokemon of Team Rockets'? What if this is some sort of trap?"

"Helloooo?" questioned the so-called 'Snap' impatiently. He swung his green goggles to the back of his neck and got closer to Zero's face, his jagged mouth was smiling wide, and Zero could tell his eyes were full of curiosity.

"--I'm Zero!", he nervously bursted out. At this point Zero was fiddling with his bone, scared of the encouter with the zigzagoon. He got up from his grassy sitting area and concluded he had to leave, and started to get up.
Snap knew that was an excuse, he could tell the lonely cubone felt uncomfortable. But he wanted to change that, and perhaps be-friend the fearful creature. As Zero slowly started walking out of the forest he pranced right beside him and started asking him questions.

"So what level are ya Zero?"
"What's your favorite berry?"
"Do you always carry 'round that bone?"

Each question started getting easier for Zero, he was able to stop his stuttering and answer as he became more comfortable with the zigzagoon. They started joking around as Snap's questions became more silly and carefree. Later Zero explained his story, that he's spent his life trying to find his mother. Even though he had just met Snap, he realized he's harmless and he can share anything with him.

They continued traveling throughout new towns and places, occassionally stopping for a rest and sharing secrets about themselves. Zero enjoyed his company, he never had a friend before. He still wondered why the zigzagoon approuched him in the first place, but he didn't question him about it.

"I'll help ya find your mother!," Snap proudly promised. Zero grinned and they continued their journey in hope to find his Marowak mother someday, but until then they'll enjoy eachothers company while traveling.
A little story I've been wanting to writing about my characters, Zero and Snap. c:
I started it yesterday then finished it up just now, hope you enjoy reading!

starwolf66 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
cool XD
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